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Lambert Peat Moss (OMRI Listed)

Lambert Peat Moss (OMRI Listed) Lambert Peat Moss is an excellent soil amendment because of its capacity to retain water, aerate the soil and it is completely natural.

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Destruction of peat bogs - BBC

Destruction of peat bogs What is peat? Peat is formed in waterlogged, ... of the moss. It accumulates in the bogs in a partially-decomposed state, ...

Peat Moss: Benefits and Disadvantages - .

Peat Moss: Benefits and Disadvantages. People interested in and and garden .

For topsoil and potting soils, bark and mulches, sphagnum peat moss and professional mixes, decorative stone and lime and other specialty products, Gardenscape and ...

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One of the products out of the coconut husk is Coco-Peat. Years back peat moss was used in Horticulture etc. But now Coco-Peat has taken its place. This is because Coco-Peat is cheaper than Peat Moss. Furthermore Coco-Peat has a higher moisture retaining power, is organic and eco-friendly.

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